VOLUME 2 Myrza De Muynck Tom Hall Kyle Abraham

Myrza submits a portfolio of ten jpgs with ten texts, one describing each work.

1. Collage, by me, made from fabrics and paint.

2. Thomas Raat is a painter from Holland who recently had an residence at Delphina London, he paints with tape. His paintings mostly deal with the subject of art itself. This picture is at his opening at 'De Expedite' in Amsterdam. His work is visible on the background.

3. This drawing is representing my working plan for the attic of De Appel. I have been in the Appel for six weeks, to work within the exhibition 'If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution'. The work consisted of making clothes within a live studio, and was an initiative of Pascale Gatzen.

4. The Birchvillemotel concert was a very nice place to attend, and I have good memories about that evening.

5. Pepe Mendosa is an Huichol Indian from Peru. He is a shaman, and makes estambre (yarn paintings) with thread and special wax. The paintings represent his travels with peyote. I have met him in Holland, he is a friend of my parents and he is living at the neighbours for some time.

6. Collage, by me. It's a portrait of Louise, and it is made with fabrics and paint.

7. The tie dye jacket I made for Terry Young, and for the celebration of the spiral. It is sewn by hand with silk thread, and it's made from velvet and light jeans.

8. Vlot. Painting by Willem Weismann. I chose this painting because it is recent, and there is a guy on the raft with a tie dye tshirt.

9. Negertje. Beginnning of a little humansuit. It is knitted and crochet.

10. Working on a humansuit, with bling bling. I like my shoes.