VOLUME 2 Myrza De Muynck Tom Hall Kyle Abraham

Tom Hall submits jpgs of pages 1, 4 and 5 from EXIT, a new comic he is currently working on. Describing the work, Tom writes:

"EXIT is a gothic comic story dealing with issues of war, government and religious control. The characters look to escape the apocalypse occurring in the distant future. These pages feature one such character who feels his world has fallen apart all at once.
After a massive nuclear explosion in North Korea - which triggers a 6.o earthquake in his Bay area neighborhood - his girlfriend calls to confess she’s not in love with him. He kills himself, but reawakes in the residence of the undead Dr. Eida. Eida works on wounded angels to get into heaven, but also bleeds them to make a drug he’s selling to pay the bills. More to come.."

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